3 Famous Food of Kerala You Should Try!

Parotta & Egg / Chicken / Beef Curry (Dinner)

Ask for Kerala Parotta and get ready for the Parotta adventure ๐Ÿ˜. As soft it is, you will definitely go crazy about it. Moreover, with Kerala Chicken curry or Beef curry, you will feel the heaven of food delights. Sometimes we need to be a kid to enjoy the food to the extreme. Try soaking the parotta with the curry and feel the perfect combo 100%. Enjoy the photos and imagine how better it could be for you to enjoy smelling and play around with taste buds. ๐Ÿ˜‹

☝☝ Thalassery Biriyani (Lunch)

Biriyani! You would have had many biriyani from different places and everything has its own style of tradition. Yes, in the same way, Thalassery Biriyani has. It's a much try when you are around Kerala for occasions. Treat your taste buds with this Dum Biriyani wherein you will love to feel the biriyani flavor of Kerala. The small tiny rice will be as smooth and soft with the chicken masala flavor having an opportunity for a big bite. Come on, try it and feel the pleasure of Kerala’s special Thalassery Biriyani!

☝☝☝ Puttu & Kadala Curry (Breakfast)

It doesn’t matter whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Keralites enjoy this combo more than any dish for their breakfast and it's a very good try for non Keralites. Puttu is made out using steamed cylinders of ground rice and coconut sprinkled over the top. Kadala Curry with a bit of spice would be excellent and even with moderate spice it is awesome. If you're not a curry fan try with Ghee, Sugar, Small Banana and Papad. It's different!

There are couple of veg dishes in the pipeline like vellayappam, idiyappam and many. Will be covering these in another blog post with a different piece of information.

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