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Chicken Dum Parotta Preparation. First on web! Worth trying!

See what all you need to make one yourself. Part 1 Video

Tasting session coming soon on Part 2.

All you need 😍👇

* Vateya vazhayila
* Mhan Chatti
* Parotta (3 numbers is what I had)
* Nadan Chicken curry
* Chicken masala curry
* Chicken 65
* Boiled egg
* Onion fried with ghee
* Cashews
* Kismis
* Curry leaves fried

As you see in the video, place everything in the chatti and close the top with a vateya vazhayila. Have it tight. If you like you can have a top above it for more pressure. Exactly 15 mins under low flame take the leaf out. That smell, wahhh you cannot imagine, every piece of chicken, Parotta, egg, ghee, nuts & so mixed with vazhayila the heated mix... it’s something different. You will feel the pleasure of the smell & food. More on the video Part 1.

Recreated after seeing a post from a insta. Watched the video 2 days back and I could not resist so today I thought of doing it myself and it came out really good. While opening the vazhayila the smell was double awesome. It’s colourful, heavy and tasted so good.
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Please follow @jagfoodie for more!
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Full video on IGTV will be posted soon. Stay tuned for part 2 tasting session.


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